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Animal Flow is a ground-based movement program.  It combines elements from different bodyweight disciplines such as breakdancing, parkour, gymnastics, and hand balancing with animal locomotion pattern. 

Animal Flow is comprised of six different components, or categories of movements. These include: Wrist Mobilizations;  Activations;  Traveling Forms; Form Specific Stretches;  Switches and Transitions; and Flow. The movements can be performed alone, or combined into “flows” where you are linking together different elements into a continuous chain of energy and movement. It can be practiced by individuals of all skill levels,  with movements ranging from entry level all the way to very advanced.

It has been designed to improve your mobility, flexibility, strength, power, endurance and muscular coordination.  Every Animal Flow movement has a specific intent.


WHERE: Lemonade Kids Studio, 799F Old Cleveland Road, Carina
TERM UPDATE: Coach Kev is unavailable for Term 3.
If you are interested in future Animal Flow terms please express your interest below.

Video source YouTube: NinaKabanova


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