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Lemonade Kids is passionate about helping ignite children & teens potential!

With over 650 children benefiting from our wonderful programs each year, we'd like to share what our kids and parents love most about Lemonade Kids!

HAPPY PARENT "I cannot speak highly enough about Bec and what she does in Lemonade Kids. My son has been doing her term program, holiday workshops and 1 on 1 coaching. Bec is such a kind and warm person, my son has opened up to her so well and the skills she has taught my him are invaluable. Most son usually gets board of activities but he cannot get enough of Bec's programs. She has an amazing ability to hold space for a room full of kids will all different needs and does it with absolute ease. We need more businesses and people like Bec supporting our kids." Danielle, mum of Aston aged 7

"Lemonade Kids was one of the most fun and best experiences of my life. The workshop taught me how to not be scared or afraid of things anymore. It has shown me some tips in how to stand strong. I loved how Bec was always supportive of all the girls on the day. I can’t wait to start the Term program" Georgia aged 10

"I can't even begin to tell you what a difference being part of your program has made to Miss 11's confidence and sense of self-worth. It is hands down the best money we have ever invested for her and we are so very grateful for having found you and the thoughful way you tackle the topics that are so relevant to the girls at this age. We are pleased that Miss 11 will be starting her high school journey next year feeling braver and more confident and able to handle the move from primary to high school. We were extremely apprehensive about how she would transition prior to finding your amazing program but the changes in her in just 6 months are truly incredible. We can't thank you enough. Miss 11 often references things that she has picked up during the sessions from yourself and the other girls and really feels that she has some great tools in her kit to pull out on the tough days (and there are still a lot of those at school!). It has really made a difference!" Tracie, mum of miss 11

“Standing Strong has helped me to feel like I am amazing and not to care what others think of me” Charlie aged 9

"We have recently started psychology and OT which takes time. Lemonade Kids helps to reinforce the work she is doing one-on-one with therapists and gives her a unique opportunity to learn with peers and apply new skills in a group setting"
Jacqueline, mum of miss 8

“More confident and happier. It makes me feel safe and like I belong” Liora aged 12

"Standing Strong helped me to feel better about myself" Emily aged 9

"Bec & team are so welcoming, ensuring the kids feel comfortable and secure in these wonderful workshops to explore more about themselves and their interactions with others. Carina location is great - stop at the local library or have fun in the park before & after!"
Charma, mum of Miss 7

"Standing Strong helped me to feel strong and happy!" Manu age 6

"Such a beautiful program for children to be involved in, covering topics to help build confidence and resilience. I love that Lemonade Kids teaches yoga and mindfulness, skills for life that will undoubtedly be beneficial in the chaotic world we currently face. Thank you so much Bec x" 
Claire, mum of Lainey Aged 6

"I now feel confident about the choices I make in the future" Gabby, aged 9

"My daughter attended the school holiday workshop today. She had a wonderful experience. She had the best time with Bec and Ashley and met some great new friends. She loved learning more about yoga and meditation and was beaming all the way home. Highly recommend this program. Bec and her team are 👌🏻"
Kate, mum of miss 10

“It has helped me to be myself!” Ciara aged 11

"My child really looks forward to Strong Girls, meeting with her friends and being a part of her community. Lemonade Kids has given her confidence, lowered her anxiety and interaction with other children albeit only during the classes. She really looks forward to this every week" Anita, mum of Aaliyah Aged 14

Matilda has gone from a moody, emotional, shy and frustrated kid to a confident, emotionally stable and happy child. All within a few terms with Lemonade Kids. She now realises that her behaviour and choices affects others, not just herself" Amy, mum of Matilda Aged 5

"My girls have attended both the weekly term programs and holiday workshops and absolutely LOVE them! I have found they are able to go through school and life feeling more confident in their ability to deal with tricky situations and friendships. They have learnt so many important values and their confidence and self appreciation has grown so much since attending. I highly recommend Lemonade Kids, Bec is amazing and so passionate about helping the kids learn and grow to become the best version of themselves!!"
Eileen, mum of Miss 9 and Miss 7

"Lemonade Kids makes me feel happy and confident" William aged 8

"Lemonade Kids provides a wonderful environment to build life long resilience skills. My daughter loves to go to the Standing Strong classes and benefits enormously. The parent resources provided are also great for reinforcing the lessons learned through effective and meaningful conversations at home too" Parent of Miss 11

"Standing Strong helped me to learn that anxiety is ok" Chloe, aged 14

Our son has found so much support and gained so much confidence from his sessions with Bec and Lemonade Kids. We're so grateful we found such a caring group. The teachings around resilience and self belief, as well as being kind to others has helped our son transition to school and now he really loves going. Thanks Bec!! Susan, mum of Samuel aged 5

"Thank you Bec 🌈🌈 I really loved seeing Harli's bravery" 
Amelia, mum of Harli age 5

"Standing Strong helped me to feel calm & happy" Beatrix aged 6

“I’m more accepting of myself, more relaxed and calm” Dolma aged 13

"A fantastic resource to support families through the ‘growing pains’ of adolescence. My daughter loved it and will be enrolling again soon. Thanks Bec!"
Ian, dad of Lily age 11

"It helps me understand and listen to my emotions in situations" Kyla, aged 15

"Standing Strong helped me to have confidence" Indi, aged 9

"The information taught in this course are THE most important that a child will ever learn. It will build them from the inside-out.A strong sense of self-belief, self-love and compassion (for self and others) is vital and is taught/learned this course. I wish I would have had access to this class when I was a child!" 
Ashley, mum of Aria aged 7

"Standing Strong makes me feel like I can do anything. I believe in myself" Isabel, aged 11

"It's with girls around my age, so I feel more comfortable" Erin, aged 13

"My daughter really loved it. Good teachers and and very freindly environment. Definitely recommend this one".
Shachi mum of Miss 6

"I feel amazing and I now don't care what others think of me" Charlie, aged 9

"I was looking for a small group that wasn't too overwhelming, and preferably girls of a simliar mindset. I have been looking for years! 
Rachael, mum of miss 13 & 12

"This is our second year of Lemonade Kids and I highly recommend it. Whether your child comes for a term, a holiday workshop or continues over the year, you will truly see remarkable changes in your child. Lemonade Kids empowers kids and gives them the coping mechanisms to cope with their ever-changing, stressful lives." Georgina, mum of Nox Aged 12

"Standing Strong helped me to feel calm, happy and relaxed" Amber aged 8


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