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STRONG Parents

Welcome to STRONG Parents, a 4-week holistic program to help parents support their children through life's tough times.

Both children and adults encounter worry and stress, which are normal responses to daily challenges. However, when a child is unable to work through these emotions it can feel overwhelming. As a parent, your instinct is to soothe their unease in the most effective and supportive way possible.

At Lemonade Kids, we're dedicated to building young people's life skills, confidence, self-esteem, and resilience with positive wellbeing tools and strategies. Furthermore, our goal is to support families to feel less alone through challenges their child may face by providing a community of support. As they say, it's takes a village to raise a child.

Lemonade Kids is partnering with three likeminded Brisbane businesses who are as passionate in supporting your family's mental health and wellbeing, as we are. Over four weeks, please join us in a series of engaging, hands-on sessions to enhance your abilities and strategies to assist your child through their worry and stress.


  • Monday 22 July: Bec Idiens, Youth Coach from Lemonade Kids

  • Monday 29 July: Emily Flourentzou, Adolescent Counsellor from Brazen Bloom and Psychologist Michael Plate

  • Monday 5 August: Mackenzie Forrester & Fiona Foxon, Co-founders from Screen Sanity Australia

  • Monday 12 August: Sammy Barnett, Clinical Nutritionist from Nutrition with Sammy

TIME: 7pm - 8:30pm

WHERE: Lillian's Place, Nyrang St, Carina (next to Carina Library)

COST: FREE! A huge thank you to Grill'd South Bank for their support and donation as part of their Local Matters Jar, and with funds raised from Bec's birthday event in May. These funds will be covering the cost of this pilot program, and we are hopeful that this will initiate and inspire many more parent programs to come in the future. 

REGISTER: Please register via the link below. As a holistic approach to supporting your families' wellbeing, we would encourage attendance to all four sessions to receive the benefits of learning from each presenter's area of expertise. However, you are most welcome to register for individual sessions.

If you have any questions in relation to this new and exciting program, please do not hesitate to email Bec on or call 0423697432

"A Standing Strong Session - Working Through Stress" 
Bec Idiens, Youth Coach and Founder of Lemonade Kids.   

Monday 22 July, 7pm to 8:30pm

This 90 minute interactive session is designed to help parents hold space for your child to become more aware of their worry and stress.

Stress is an important emotion for children to understand and recognise, as it can have a huge impact on their lives, which causes unease and discomfort.

This session incorporates our Standing Strong pillars of STRONG Body (movement activities), STRONG Mind (mindset questions, top tips and two practical activities), and STRONG Heart (mindfulness exercises). 

The content will give parents a hands-on insight into the delivery of our Standing Strong program; the language and tone we use with the children; along with six simple strategies and activities that you can use at home. 

I look forward to helping you and your child face the world Standing Strong!

"Understanding and Managing Anxiety in Children" 
Emily Flourentzou, Child and Adolescent Counsellor of Brazen Bloom, and Psychologist Michael Plate.   

Monday 29 July, 7pm to 8:30pm

Join us for an insightful presentation led by Emily Flourentzou (Child and Adolescent Counsellor; and Founder of Brazen Bloom), and Psychologist Michael Plate, focusing on understanding and managing anxiety in children.

The session will start with a psychoeducation segment, explaining how the brain functions when a child feels anxious, the cycle of anxiety, and identification of perpetuating factors that maintain anxiety.

Following this, they will discuss evidence-based strategies to manage and address anxiety in children, including practical coping strategies to help calm the body and mind.

The presentation will also provide an insight into therapeutic interventions used when a child engages in counselling for support with anxiety.

For more information on Brazen Bloom visit

"Practical Tips for Tackling Screentime Challenges" 
Mackenzie Forrester & Fiona Foxon, Co-Founders of Screen Sanity Australia.   

Monday 5 August, 7pm to 8:30pm

When it comes to today’s ever-changing technology, it’s hard to sum up the nuance of what families are facing. So many of us ponder questions like, “How much screentime is too much?” or, “When do I get my child a phone?”.

The team at Screen Sanity believe there is no perfect approach to managing technology, but taking time to proactively set intentions, draw boundaries and start conversations can help to minimize the bruises and maximize the benefits.  

On this evening, co-Founders of Screen Sanity Australia will lead an informative workshop providing practical tips for tackling some of the most common screentime challenges. Through expert-led videos and facilitated discussions and sharing, the workshop will cover Screen Sanity's core recommendations for digital health, or, what they call them, STARTing Points. 

 You will leave with actionable tools and resources to support your children and the creation of your family’s own digital health plan. 

For further information on Screen Sanity Australia visit

"The Gut Brain Connection" 
Sammy Barnett, Clinical Nutritionist from Nutrition With Sammy. 

Monday 12 August, 7pm to 8:30pm

Explore the profound impact of nutrition on your child’s mental wellbeing through the lens of the gut-brain connection, with Clinical Nutritionist Sammy Barnett. 

From childhood to adulthood, Sammy shares her personal and clinical journey where she discovered just how much our dietary choices can influence the intricate ecosystem within us – the rainforest inside us. 

This internal environment can play a significant role in shaping your child’s emotional and cognitive development. 

During this session we will delve into the essential roles of gut bacteria, probiotics, prebiotics and supportive nutrients, which nourish beneficial microbes and enhance your child’s overall wellbeing.

For more information on Nutrition with Sammy visit


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