Lemonade Kids is extremely proud to offer Standing Strong® term based programs and workshops to girls, tweens and teenagers in Brisbane.

Standing Strong® is a holistic well-being program designed to help educate, motivate and inspire girls to really live to their true potential!

If your daughter is experiencing stress, has been feeling down, or could do with an empowering boost, then Standing Strong is just what you're looking for.

Each session or workshop is based around three core components to provide a holistic approach to health and well-being. These include Strong Body (Movement), Strong Mind (Mindset) and Strong Heart (Mindfulness).

Through our programs girls learn how to improve their confidence and self-esteem, build inner-strength and self-belief, grow friendships, improve their health and body-image, manage stress and gain the tools essential for living happy, healthy and inspired lives.


Lemonade Kids is SUPER excited to be taking our Standing Strong® 'Strength From Within' Workshops® on a ROADSHOW over the Summer holidays!

The workshops will be held across 4 locations across various dates in December and January! 


  • 14 DEC // KALLANGUR // 7 TO 10 YRS
  • 16 DEC // KALLANGUR // 11 TO 16 YRS
  • 18 DEC // GOLD COAST // 7 TO 10 YRS
  • 19 DEC // GOLD COAST // 11 TO 16 YRS
  • 21 DEC // CARINA // 7 TO 10 YRS
  • 22 DEC // CARINA // 11 TO 16 YRS
  • 11 JAN // REDLANDS // 7 TO 10 YRS
  • 12 JAN // REDLANDS // 11 TO 16 YRS
  • 18 JAN // CARINA // 5 TO 6 YRS
  • 20 JAN // CARINA // 7 TO 10 YRS
  • 22 JAN // CARINA // 11 TO 16 YRS

All workshops are 10am - 3pm (excl 18 Dec GC which is 10:30am - 3:30pm). Parents or carers drop off their girls in the morning and then return in the afternoon.


Help your daughter learn to THRIVE with an ongoing weekly confidence, self-esteem and resilience program 🌟

Held at Lillian's Place in Carina, we offer three Standing Strong® term based programs commencing second week of Term 4 in Oct for 9 weeks:

  • STRONG Little Ones & Juniors 5-10 yrs | Sat 10:30am - 11:30am | $180
  • STRONG Juniors 8-10 yrs | Thurs 3:45pm - 4:45pm | $180
  • STRONG Tweens & Teens 11-16 yrs | Thurs 5:00pm - 6:30pm | $225


"The information taught in this program is the most important your daughter will ever learn"
Ashley, mum of Aria 6 years old

"Standing Strong is like another home to me, like a place where I can be myself, I love this place!" Miss 10 years old

"Thank you Bec 🌈🌈 I really loved seeing Harli's bravery" Amelia, mum of Harli 5 years old

"When I come here I feel special and it’s just so much fun being here. They help me get through tough things. I love all the mentors and love everything about the Club" Miss 12 years old

"I loved how you asked questions and made everything fun!" Marni 9

“At Standing Strong I’ve learnt most to love myself” Miss 14 years old


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