Boys and girls will enjoy the experience of the fundamental principles of yoga including the body, the breath and the mind. Kids will move, stretch, breathe, practice mindfulness, play yoga games and enjoy yoga stories.  

JUNIOR CLASS (5-7 yrs) 
TWEEN CLASS (8+ yrs)

Due to COVID-19 all yoga classes are held online until further notice. 

To ensure our kids can enjoy the benefits of yoga during this challenging period of time, the pricing has been reduced to make it as affordable for families. For a casual pass it is only $10 per class. 

Please note if you sign your daughter up to one of the Standing Strong term programs they will receive the online yoga classes complimentary 🌻

How Yoga Benefits Kids

  • Yoga increases kids' fitness and flexibility, strength and balance
  • Yoga improves coordination and body awareness
  • Yoga practice develops children's concentration
  • Yoga enables children to learn to manage stress better and being able to regulate their emotions and calm themselves
  • Yoga introduces kids to important concepts & skills about wellbeing & health, including an understanding that being healthy is about taking care of not just our bodies but our minds too
  • Yoga practice has been shown to help reduce depression and anxiety in children
  • Yoga appeals to both sporty and non sporty kids alike. It can give kids who do not like sport or other physical activities a way to connect with their bodies and being active

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