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Navigating Friendship Changes

We can all agree friendship changes can be tough! They can be very lonely, isolating and confusing, especially if we don't understand why the change is happening. 

Friendships are a very special part of our lives and being able to work through friendship changes is an important skill for life.

A great way to support your child is to share your own examples of friendship changes. Try sitting down and talking about the difficulties you have experienced with friendships. Share how you have overcome friendship changes.

By doing this you can help your child to see that everyone goes through friendship changes. It's important to share the benefits of making new friendships and how new friends can bring renewed happiness into your life.

We also have a great saying at Lemonade Kids "Life is like an elevator; sometimes when you get to a certain floor, you have to open the doors and let a person off! Once you’ve let that person off there is space for you to let someone else on, or even use that space for yourself."

We love getting the kids to draw an elevator with themselves at every floor. Then draw or write down the friendships they've had at different stages of their life so they can see how the changes have happened over time already from kindy, primary, to high school or even when they've had to move away for example.

Also we encourage including a floor just to themselves...this floor represents being their own best friend and focusing on 'me time', where they enjoy all of the self care activities that brings them joy and fills up their cup. Explore the type of 'me time' activities they like to do at home and also at school...you could even create a little jar or envelope with these ideas that they can take to school with them as a loving reminder.

I have included some family Q's and written resources on how to work through friendship changes in our FREE parent/child workbook below.

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If your child experiencing difficulties working through friendship changes and you are seeking additional support, our Friendship Formula Workshops or 1:1 private sessions provide an uplifting and safe environment to help your child feel empowered and supported through this difficult time.

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