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Dealing With Bullying

Bullying can be such a hard thing to go through and can hurt us and others in many ways. When your child is being bullied, they are experiencing someone who is intending to hurt, intimidate and take away their power, which in turn makes your child feel weak and powerless.

One of the first steps is to help your child identify if the situation is one of bullying or is someone just being mean?

The signficant difference is bullying is done repeatedly. This could be through verbal, physical, mental and emotional tactics - in person or other forms such as cyber bullying.

There are steps in place through schools which parents can receive support and guidance, and also online I encourage you to use www.esafety.gov.au for steps to know what to do if your child is experiencing cyberbullying.

Whilst there are a number of approaches to help your child work through conflict and/or bullying, it’s important as parents that we let our loved ones know that unfortunately we can’t always stop the way other people behave.

However, we can do proactive things to strengthen ourselves through bullying.

Taking time for SELF CARE is a great way to build our resilience to bullying. It can also help us to feel better if we have experienced bullying.

Set aside some special time this week for you and your child (or family) to do some self care activities together. Some examples include a walk in the park, a meditation together or DIY hand/foot scrubs! This can be a great bonding opportunity and the perfect time to talk about how your child feels about bullying.

I have also included some family Q's and tips on how to help deal with bullying in our FREE parent/child workbook.

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If your child has or is experiencing bullying and you are seeking additional support, our Standing Strong classes and 1:1 private sessions are a positive step to helping your child feel empowered and supported through this difficult time.

With kindness
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