Parent / Child Discussion Questions - BODY APPRECIATION

This week's STRONG Mind topic is all about Body Appreciation. It is designed to help the kids see how amazing their bodies are. We will talk about all the great things our body does like allowing us to run, play and digest yummy food. We will also talk about why we should love it unconditionally.

  • Why are our bodies so amazing?
  • what's your favourite body part?
  • What things does your body allow you to do?
  • Why should we love our bodies?
CLICK HERE to download our FREE Body Appreciation Activity.

Download and print activity folder. Cut up paper squares and ask your child to write or draw all the body parts they appreciate. Staple the sides and get your child to place square in the envelope

  • Ideas to help...what they love most about their bodies, what do they love most that their bodies allow them to do, positive body apprecation affirmations such as 'I love myself just the way i am' 

Parent / Child Discussion Questions - MY VALUES

This week's STRONG Mind topic will encourage the girls to explore and discover what is important to them in their lives. When we know what is important to us and understand these things as our priorities things such as how we spend our time, and who we spend our time with. This session will gently encourage the girls to start naming their values and learn that it is important to live in line with what is important to us!

  • How would you describe values?
  • What are some of your most important values?
  • Do you think it's important to know your values? Why?
  • Why is it important that you make your behaviours reflect your values?

Parent / Child Discussion Questions - POSITIVITY

This week's STRONG Mind topic is all about positivity! The session and activities are designed to help the girls feel good about themselves and any achievements or experiences they want to celebrate. The session objective is to demonstrate that surrounding ourselves with supportive people and thinking positive thoughts about ourselves can be two of the most influential things in our lives!

  • What is positive thinking?
  • What positive thoughts help you the most?
  • Why is it important to think and act positive towards others too?

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