Strength From Within Workshop is a full day workshop held during school holidays and also mid term, across various locations in South East Queensland.

Each workshop includes all three Standing Strong components of:
Strong Body โ€“ Movement
Strong Mind โ€“ Mindset
Strong Heart โ€“ Mindfulness

For more information about the Standing Strong term based program CLICK HERE

If you are a school or community group wishing to host an incursion or private workshop please CLICK HERE to contact Bec with your enquiry.

During the 'road to recovery' transition period of COVID-19, classes will be hosted face to face within the COVID-19 guidelines. There will be limited places available for each class. Parents will be provided with a thorough guide to how classes will be managed.


East Brisbane (Lillian's Place, Carina)

  • Monday 21 Sept | Girls 7-10 Yrs
  • Wednesday 23 Sept | Girls 11-16 Yrs
  • Saturday 26 Sept | Girls 7-12 Yrs
  • Monday 28 Sept | Girls 5-6 Yrs
  • Wednesday 30 Sept | Girls 7-10 Yrs

Individuality, Body Image and Positivity Workshop for Girls 

Would you like to help your daughter boost her self confidence, improve her self esteem and learn to love their bodies just the way they are? 

If yes, our signature holiday workshop, Strength From Within is just what you are looking for. This special 5 hour event goes from 10am - 3pm and is designed to help your daughter feel stronger, happier, more secure and more confident within herself.

The workshops will be hosted at Lillian's Place, Carina. 

Through this fun and interactive Workshop girls will learn:

  • How to see themselves and their bodies in a positive and empowered way
  • How self-care, self-belief and self-love can help to improve confidence, self-esteem and body-image
  • How to build resilience and learn how to embrace their own individuality and uniqueness
  • How they can use their mindset to help in times when their negative emotions seem to be taking over
  • How movement, mindset, mindfulness and self-care can have a powerful impact on building a strong sense of self

This five hour workshop is jam packed with exciting and interactive activities to help girls feel happy, energised and inspired! 

Cost for Workshop is $89 


"Lemonade Kids was one of the most fun and best experiences of my life. The workshop taught me how to not be scared or afraid of things anymore. It has shown me some tips in how to stand strong. I loved how Bec and Ashley were always supportive of all the girls on the day. I canโ€™t wait to start the Term 3 program" Miss Georgia aged 10

"The information taught in this program is the most important your daughter will ever learn"
Ashley, mum of Aria 6 years old

"Standing Strong is like another home to me, like a place where I can be myself, I love this place!" Miss 10 years old

"Thank you Bec ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒˆ I really loved seeing Harli's bravery" Amelia, mum of Harli 5 years old

"When I come here I feel special and itโ€™s just so much fun being here. They help me get through tough things. I love all the mentors and love everything about the Club" Miss 12 years old

"I loved how you asked questions and made everything fun!" Marni 9

โ€œAt Standing Strong Iโ€™ve learnt most to love myselfโ€ Miss 14 years old


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