Lemonade Kids Active is a movement-based program for kids aged 5 to 12 years. Held in the park at Joe Bradfield Centre in Carina, this fun outdoor program  aims to support and promote the healthy growth of exercise and fitness through movement, movement based activities/exercises and challenges for young developing minds and bodies. It draws on movements and exercises from a variety of disciplines and sports such as Parkour, Running, Pilates, and Gymnastics.

Developed by fitness instructor and founder and head running coach of Brisbane's Toohey Trail Runners - Kevin Sherry, this exciting program for kids & tweens will use a foundation of basic movements and exercises, which become more progressive with the development of the ability of participants. 

The main exercise and fitness outcomes will focus on the participants improving in the following areas:

Strength | Speed | Mobility | Agility | Flexibility | Co-ordination

The aim of this program is to help kids achieve;

  • An all-rounded and balanced level of fitness and strength.
  • To help build body confidence, resilience, and belief in own physical abilities.
  • To help develop a long-lasting love and understanding of the value of exercise and movement!

The program itself is based on movement and motion, so the participants will be assessed on their ability in terms of mastery and control of a variety of movements and also their ability to demonstrate mastery and control at speed.

Breaking this down into more specific elements, we will be analysing Balance, Agility, Endurance, Speed, Focus.

The Program itself is split into 4 distinct levels of:

  • Pink (beginner)
  • Aqua 
  • White 
  • Lemon (most advanced) 

With movements gaining in difficulty and complexity as participants progress. Once a participant has been assessed, they can then be placed accurately into the correct level. Reassessment will take place at the end of each term with further progress determined by the improving ability of the participant.



WHERE: Joe Bradfield Centre, Nyrang St, Carina
WHEN: Monday's 3:45pm - 4:30pm
DURATION: 45 minutes across 9 weeks
TERM 2 COMMENCES: Monday 25 April
COST: From $153 (including grading session)


Across both our Growth and Flourish Memberships, there is an option for families to sign up and signficantly save with an Annual membership!

Does your child love to move? If yes, our Active Membership is a perfect opportunity for your child to incorporate exercise into their weekly schedule, and the best thing is they don't necessarily have to be super sporty to love our programs!

An annual membership can commence at any stage throughout the year. It is simply based on commiting to four consecutive terms to help your child flourish!


MONDAY 3:45PM - 4:30PM (Joe Bradfield Park Centre)
9 week program commences Monday 25 April 2022

  • Growth Term Membership - $153 per term
  • Growth Annual Membership - $153 per term and sign up now to receive 4th consecutive term free! 

For multiple children, please complete a new membership form.


MONDAY 3:45PM - 4:30PM (Joe Bradfield Centre Park)
9 week program commences Monday 25 April 2022

  • Flourish Term Membership - $252 per term
  • Flourish Annual Membership - $252 per term and sign up now to receive 4th consecutive term free! 

For multiple children, please complete a new membership form.


  • Once signed up you will receive a code to register for your workshop of choice throughout the term (all Flourish Members will be emailed any workshop announcements as they are released). The code is valid for 12 months.
  • Lemonade Kids merchandise will be available first day of each term
  • For your 30 minute follow up phone call Bec will touch base directly to arrange a suitable time mid term.
  • To receive the benefit of a 4th consecutive term free, your child must be registered as an annual member with a commitment to do the program across four consecutive terms. You cannot receive this benefit if you sign up as a One Term Member and continue on a term by term basis. 
  • To receive the benefit as an annual member please register and pay for the first term online, and the following two terms an automatic invoice will be sent for the price of $297 prior to the start of each term. The fourth term will then be complimentary.
  • For an annual membership the terms of Yoga and Active can be interchangeable (e.g. term 1 Yoga, term 2 Active)

Any questions feel free to email bec@lemonadekids.com.au


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