Lemonade Kids is extremely proud to be a partner of some of Australia's most highly skilled and experienced parent and children well-being organisations and professionals.

Through these partnership's Lemonade Kids is able to offer parents access to high quality resources from the likes of Standing Strong Clubs and Michelle Mitchell. Please know that through these partnerships, with any purchase you make you will be supporting Lemonade Kids with a small percentage offered back to us!

To enjoy some of the FREE resources available to parents, such as podcasts and printables, please scroll to bottom of this page and enjoy!


Lemonade Kids is a proud Standing Strong licensee based in Brisbane. Whilst we cannot rave about the benefits of our face to face programs, Standing Strong parent and carer home resources have been created to help families stay connected while at home.

Each resource package has been designed to help families navigate the challenges of childhood and adolescences through four key areas: Growth, Support, Self Care and Motivation.

We are here to support you and your family with our video and printable resource packages. All of our resources have been developed by our expert team of counsellors and wellness professionals.

Each Resource Package include 10 topics and includes:

1. Resources for children aged 10yrs and under
2. Resources for children aged 10yrs and over

Each topic includes 14 printables resources and 2 videos
Total of 140 printables and 20 videos within each of the four Resource Packages


Do you remember your parents talking to you about puberty? Many of us don’t because the “chat” barely existed. Times have changed, and so has the world our kids live in.

Today’s highly sexualised world, which is also championing much needed messages about respect, consent and healthy body image, demands that parents step more deliberately into this space. Parents have a big job on their hands!  

To help you out, Michelle Mitchell has designed a new online program called “Talking About Puberty” for tweens aged 8 – 12. This program is here to make your job easier and promises to do all the “heavy lifting” for you.

I have watched this online program myself and wish I had this when I was younger! This program is so much more than discussions about body parts and body changes. It is loaded with the values that underpin healthy relationships and self-confidence.

Over the course of 13 videos (and accompanying discussion questions) your tween will hear from Michelle on topics like body parts, body changes, feelings about puberty, looking after a growing body, who to talk to about puberty, brain changes, managing moods, how to ask tricky questions, body safety and the opposite sex.  The program mirrors and expand on the content in Michelle’s latest books “A Guy’s Guide to Puberty” and “A Girl’s Guide to Puberty”. 

The program aims to:

👉 Provide straight up medically accurate information about the body children were born with.
👉 Focus on WELLBEING with additional content about brain changes, body image, protective behaviours and age-appropriate respect in relationships.
👉 Kick start important conversations and emphasise the role of trusted adults.
👉 Offer an approach which is inclusive and takes into consideration the range of needs and backgrounds of all families.


Counsellors Kim Marie Smith (founder of Standing Strong) and Erika Shaw are the creators of Standing Strong, a holistic health and wellness program for children and teens. With over fifteen years of experience working with children and families, Kim and Riki share their insight, experience and expertise in this entertaining and supportive podcast. If you’re a parent looking for support and you believe in taking a village approach to raising children, this is the podcast for you!

EPISODE 1 - Creating a support network around your child

Welcome to the STRONG Parents Podcast! In our first episode we explore the challenges parents face with creating a support network for their children. Taking a village approach to parenting is not always easy and in this episode we explore the challenges parents face along with the benefits of allowing other adults to be a part of your child’s life.
CLICK HERE to watch or listen

EPISODE 2 - When your child resists support

What to do when your child resists support… In our second podcast episode we explore the challenges parents face when children resist the support they are trying to provide including counselling, mentoring, extra curricula activities and support services. It’s often very challenging for parents to know what to do in these these challenging times. In todays episode we offer support on how to work with your child to give them the support they are needing.
CLICK HERE to watch or listen

EPISODE 3 - Noticing early signs of anxiety

Are you noticing early signs of Anxiety in your child…In this weeks podcast episode we explore the challenges parents face when they start to recognise the early signs of Anxiety in their children. It’s often difficult for parents to know what to do when children start withdrawing from activities and resisting social settings. In this weeks episode of the STRONG Parents Podcast we offer support to parents to help their children while navigating this challenging time.
CLICK HERE to watch or listen

EPISODE 4 - Supporting your child through emotional outbursts

In this weeks episode we offer support to parents who are trying to help their children through heightened emotions and or emotional outbursts. As parents, we often become the target of our children’s emotional surges. This can be difficult, especially if our children turn their emotions or hurt onto us. For parents, our role is to guide and support our children to work through their emotions, this is often easier said than done. 

In this weeks episode of the STRONG Parents Podcast, we offer parents suggestions on how to keep themselves emotional protected through their children’s outbursts. We also explore the importance of revisiting difficult situations once emotions have settled, in order to help our children with emotional regulation.
CLICK HERE to watch or listen

EPISODE 6 - Preparing for your daughters first Period!

In this weeks episode we talk all things Periods! We explore the worries, uncomfortableness and questions parents often face and share our tips on how parents can support their daughters through this huge transition. Getting their periods for the first time can be an anxious time for many girls.
Parents often feel unsure of how to support their daughter, especially if their daughters seem embarrassed or begin to shut down the conversation. In this weeks episode we share ways to reduce the uncomfortableness and create a safe place for your daughter to open up about any fears, worries or questions she may have.
CLICK HERE to watch or listen


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